Single Point Battery Watering Fill System for your Golf Cart



Maintaining the water level in your golf cart batteries is a vital task, but it can also be a time-consuming hassle. With the On-Board Battery Watering System, re-filling batteries on an entire cart takes a minute or less! It connects to a single water supply and evenly distributes water into each cell at the same time, no more individual pouring. This system is a convenient time-saver for individual golf cart owners, and it’s a must for organizations that own a fleet of golf carts.

The system provides a lot of important benefits:

  • Improves battery maintenance by filling to the proper level and eliminating over and under filling.
  • Reduces battery watering costs.
  • Helps extend battery life by watering properly and reducing corrosion.
  • Pre-strung kits are easy to install on new batteries or retrofit on existing batteries.
  • System includes hoses, rails, and automatic shut-off valves that mount on each battery cell (permanently replacing your batteries existing vent caps)
  • Tubing system remains permanently mounted to your batteries, ensuring easy filling whenever necessary
  • Allows you to fill batteries without opening the vent ports, protecting you from battery acid burns, ruined clothing, and noxious fumes
  • Won’t overfill your batteries!  it automatically determines how much each battery needs and fills accordingly
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 5 in
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