36/48-12V DC Converter


Protect those all important batteries in your 36 or 48 volt golf cart and provide 12 volt power to accessories by installing a DC to DC Converter. When you are installing golf cart accessories like an audio system or led light bars it is important to provide them with 12 volts of clean power and to protect the overall power supply. Merely connecting electric accessories to one battery can cause stress on that one battery and the rest of the remaining batteries causing premature battery failure. The ideal situation is to draw power equally and cleanly from all of the batteries so you can prolong battery life. The DC to DC Converter does just that. Let Pro-Fit help you simplify and stabilize your power supply.

Provides 12 volts of clean and stable power to electric accessories
Draws power equally & cleanly from entire power source
Helps prolong battery life saving you money
Light weight & compact for convenient mounting
30 amp max output
Includes DC to DC Converter and installation instructions


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