How often should I have my cart serviced?

It depends on how much use is being put on the vehicle.

Under normal circumstances if the vehicle is used for golf 3 or more times a week, you should have it serviced every 6 months or 100 rounds of golf.

If you don’t use your vehicle for golf, than we recommend you have it checked and serviced by a qualified tech. every 50-100 hours. specifically, we recommend having your cart serviced by a trained technician.

What kind of maintenance should I be doing myself?

  • Monthly, you should be washing your battery tops, battery compartments, underside of vehicle with baking soda and water solution.
  • Keep your Battery water filled to proper levels with distilled water. Distilled water will ensure you aren't adding any other minerals to the battery's chemical make up.
  • Make sure to keep tires filled to recommended levels adjust as necessary.

When should I charge my cart?

It depends on what make & model of golf car you have. Reference your owners manual for questions about your specific cart.

What should I use to clean the plastic windshield?

Never use ammonia or alcohol based cleaners on acrylic! You can normally find cleaners that are safe for acrylic/plastic either at an auto parts store or a hardware store.

Should I wax my Cart?

Yes, it is a great idea to wax the finish of your painted body panels, at least once a year. Make sure you use a very soft & clean rag! You can purchase the correct supplies for this at your favorite auto parts hardware store.