Maintaining Your Golf Cart

No matter the make or model, carts are designed these days to give you years of worry-free rounds and trips to the club. However, it’s important to get in to the habit of regularly maintaining your golf cart for daily use to help make sure you don’t run in to any issues on the course.
Regular maintenance to the batteries can make sure that you get the maximum life out of your pack of batteries and is a very easy process. The first thing to remember is to plug your cart in after each use. Thanks to the charging system, you don’t need to worry about battery memory or over-charging. The charger, or on board computer, is constantly reading the pack voltage to make sure you don’t fry your precious batteries. Next, you’ll want to check the water levels in the batteries. A dry battery is a dead battery, but you can help avoid that by checking your water levels every six to eight weeks. Simply pop the caps off and visually inspect that water level in each cell is above the plate and about an inch below the top of the battery. When checking for proper water levels, you can also check that all of the cable connections are tight and clean any corrosion from the battery terminals. Some baking soda and a wire brush work great for removing built up corrosion. We also sell battery terminal protector that you can spray on in between cleanings to help keep those connections corrosion free.
Following these steps will help keep you running all season long, but it’s also important to have your cart service annually. During annual services we will check and report back on things like brake and tire wear and alignment. We will also top off your batteries, check cable connections and lubricate the carts grease points. We can also give it a detail to clean off those winter storage dust bunnies, too! Did you know that CartBarn picks up from South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento!
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